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Enjoy browsing through our collection of song birds, shore birds, owls, birds of prey and hanging ornaments.  Perfect for gift-giving or for your own enjoyment, our unique selection of over 90 available species of birds is sure to please.   If you don't see the bird you want, E-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to inquire about a special carving.  Our prices are reasonable and service is fast and friendly.  Your satisfaction is important to us.




Song Birds



Shore Birds

Owls and other Birds of Prey

    Acorn woodpecker        
    American Goldfinch     Baird's Sandpiper  
    American Goldfinch on driftwood     Baird's Sandpiper on driftwood  
    American Goldfinch on Stump        
  American Robin Black Backed Gull
American Kestrel Male
    American Robin on driftwood     Eurasian Kingfisher  
          Green Heron  
  Baltimore Oriole Great Blue Heron American Woodcock

Great Blue Heron on weathered wood

  Barn Swallow Kingfisher

Burrowing Owl

    Barn Swallow on wire with full wingspread      Little Ringed Plover  
    Black Capped Chickadee on branch      Loon  
  Black Capped Chickadee on driftwood  Pectoral Sandpiper

 Eagle, Bald or American

  Black Capped Chickadee on stump  Pelican

Flamulated Owl

          Pelican on post  
          Pelican, squatting on post  
    Black Capped Chickadee on wire      Piping Plover  
          Purple Sandpiper  
  Black Throated Blue Warbler  Ring Billed Gull  
    Black Throated Green Warbler     Sleeping Sanderling  
          Sleeping Sanderling on Driftwood  
  Blue Gray Gnatcatcher  Semipalmated Plover  
  Blue Grosbeak  Semipalmated Sandpiper Long-Eared Owl
           Spotted Sandpiper Osprey
  Blue Jay  Spotted Sandpiper on driftwood

Red Shouldered Hawk

    Blue Jay Open Beak      Tern Red Tailed Hawk
    Bluebird Female (on  wire)     Wilson's Phalarope winter Saw Whet Owl
         Wilson's Phalarope summer  Screech Owl
    Bluebird Female (on branch with worm)     Wilson's Phalarope on weathered wood Sharp Shinned Hawk
    Bluebird Female on driftwood      
   Wood Duck
  Bluebird Female ( on perch)
Bluebird Male and Female Pair
    Bluebird Male (on branch)      Baltimore oriole  
    Bluebird Male (on perch)    

 Blue Jay

  Bluebird, Mountain  Bluebird  
  Brown Creeper  Cardinal (male) ornament  
  Brown-Headed Nuthatch  Cardinal (female  

Cardinal Female


Cardinal, Male

Cardinal, Male on branch

    Cardinal Male on birch log        

Cardinal Female on Tall Tree Stump






Cardinal, male, half-size




Cardinal Pair on birch log


Cardinal Pair (on one perch)

     Woodpecker (red-bellied)  


Carolina wren on perch


Carolina wren (on metal stand)

  Cedar Waxwing    
  Chestnut-Sided Warbler    
    Cordon Bleu        
  Dark Eyed Junco (on branch)    
  Dark Eyed Junco (on stump)    
    Doorknocker Hairy Woodpecker        
    Doorknocker Pileated Woodpecker        
  Doorknocker Red Bellied Woodpecker    
  Doorknocker Red Headed Woodpecker (large)    
    Doorknocker, Red Headed Woodpecker (small)        
   Doorknocker, Yellow Bellied Sapsucker    
  Downy Woodpecker    
  Eastern Meadowlark    
    Eastern towhee (Rufous-sided)        
  Flicker, Northern    
  Golden Crowned Kinglet    
    Goldfinch Pair w/ Hand-Carved Sunflowers        
    Gouldian Finch        
  Green Rosella
  House Finch    
    House finch on driftwood        
    House Wren (Open Beak)        
  Indigo Bunting    



Kinglet Pair





Kirtlands Warbler

  Lesser Goldfinch (on branch)    
  Lesser Goldfinch (on stump)    
    Magnolia Warbler        


    Marsh Wren (on branch)        
  Marsh Wren (on stump)    
    Marsh Wren (open beak)        
    Marsh Wren Open Beak, Metal Stand        
    Mockingbird (life-size)        
  Mountain Bluebird    
  Mourning Dove Adult    
    Mourning Dove        
  Painted Bunting    
  Parrot Finch    
  Pine Warbler    
  Pekin Robin    
    Pileated Woodpecker        
  Purple Finch    
  Purple Martin    
  Red Bellied Woodpecker on birch log    
    Red Bellied Woodpecker        
  Red Breasted Nuthatch    
  Red Headed Woodpecker    
  Red Winged Blackbird    
  Rose Breasted Grosbeak    
  Ruby Crowned Kinglet    
  Ruby Throated Hummingbird    
  Scarlet Tanager    

Scissor Tailed Flycatcher


Snow Bunting


Song Sparrow

Sun Conure Parrot

  Tree Swallow    
  Tufted Tiftmouse    
    Varied Thrush        
  Vermillion Flycatcher    
    Western tanager        
  White Breasted Nuthatch    
    White Crowned Sparrow        
    White Throated Sparrow        
  Wilson's Warbler    
  Winter Wren    
    Wood Pewee on Driftwood        
    Wood Pewee on Perch        
    Yellow bellied Sapsucker (on perch)        
    Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Doorknocker        
  Yellow Grosbeak    
  Yellow Warbler    
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