Loon Hanging Ornament

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Hanging ornaments

Shown above is the Loon Hanging Ornament. The loon is hand carved and painted and measures 5 inches.  It is an extraordinary carving and the painting is magnificent! The strap is leather.  Guaranteed you will not be disappointed!  The price on the loon ornament is $18.

We also feature eleven other hanging ornaments.  They are hand-carved and painted wood birds with detailed feathering that hang from a narrow leather strap.  Use them on your holiday tree, to embellish a plant, hang in your window or anywhere else you might wish.  They make wonderful hostess gifts, employee gifts, wedding, shower or party favors or remembrances for any occasion. 

The other ornaments in our collection include the cardinal, female cardinal, American goldfinch, robin, nuthatch, hummingbird, bluebird, Baltimore oriole, black-capped chickadee, blue jay and red-bellied woodpecker.  Each one measures between 4.5 and 5 inches and sells for $9 each.

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