Yellow Bellied Sapsucker (on Perch)

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Yellow Bellied Sapsucker (on Perch)

A handsome bird, the Yellow Bellied Sapsucker is striking with its black and white back, red patches on its head and throat and, of course, a yellow belly and chest.  Usually a silent bird until the male and female decide to engage in their drumming duets or their ritual tapping at the entrance to the nest.

The life-size sapsucker carving measures 7.75 inches from head to foot and has an overall height of 9 inches.  It is perched on a wood stump.  All of our birds are carved from basswood (a very carvable wood that does not split and takes paint well), are hand-painted with acrylic paint, have glass eyes and metal feet and are textured with a feathering pen to give the illusion of feathers. 

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