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I got my chickadee. Awesome. I have a few decoys/carvings and this is by far the best I own.   So life like that you expect it to start singing!  Paul K. from N. Logan, UT  Nov. 2016

 The Robin arrived Saturday in excellent condition.  So very happy with my purchase. Becky from Coraopolis, PA  Nov. 2016

 I got the Northern Flicker today! It arrived in one piece and I couldn't be more happy with the carving. I appreciate your customer care and attention to detail. Thank you so much!  Alena from Kane, PA  Nov. 2016

 Thanks for the wonderful birds, which arrived this morning. Of same high quality (at low price). as Bunting that I ordered recently, and I'll definitely deal with you again. Louis from Boston Ma. Nov. 2016

 These birds are my annual gift to my husband for christmas.  I had bought them the first two years at the Memorial Craft Fair, was not able to make it there this year or last.  My mom even texted me to say you were on your usual spot.  Thanks for your great service.  Kim from Manchester NH  Nov. 2016

  Thanks for all that you do . . . your birds are fabulous! Jeff from Beverly, MA  Nov. 2016

 My Mother was so pleased with your robin (ornament) and has it hanging prominently next to her computer.  Arvilla  from Pinkerton Fair, NH  Nov. 2016

 The goldfinch arrived on Monday.  I gave it to my husband for his 65th birthday today.  He was very impressed.  He is very particular about his bids critiquing each one when we find an exhibit.  He was so impressed.  Thank you for making his birthday special.  Barbara from Daytona Beach FL  April 2016

 Excellent personal attention, friendliness and ease of transaction.  This is a top-notch and well run business with attention to detail and quality!  Very happy to be one of their customers! REview left on Square.com  February 2016

 The door knocker arrived safely and it is perfect.  I cannot wait to install it on our cabin's front door.  Elizabeth from  Alamo, CA  Dec. 2016

 You  did it again, made my Christmas extra special. Both carvings  are outstanding and arrived yesterday.

We received the beautiful nuthatch today. It is a gift for our 14 year old grandson who loves to watch, photograph and study birds. He gave us quite a long list of  carved ones he would like so I'll be in touch with you when his birthday comes.  Leslie from Frederick, Md December 2016

 I received my bluebird ornament today and it is absolutely wonderful! It is even more gorgeous than I thought it would be. Kate from Sewell, NJ  Dec. 4, 2016

  I received it (painted bunting) today. It's a really good representation of the Painted Bunting. Nice carving and good value.  Barry from Bossier City, LA  December 2016

Thanks again for your hospitality and commitment to providing quality products. We will be with you for a long time. Jim and Liz from Smithtown, NY  Dec. 2016

I ordered your bird, the White Breasted Nuthatch.  What a beautiful work of art, lovingly detailed! Laurie on Dec. 7, 2016

WOW!!!  Absolutely stunning!  I love it!  (Green Heron with fish in beak)  Jonathan from Brightwaters, NY Dec. 2016

It took only one week, very fast delivery (to England).  The Brown Creeper is amazing!  Thank you very much it is beautiful.  Andy from Evesham, England  December 2016

 The chickadee and goldfinch were delivered on the last day we were at the house! Excellent timing! They are fantastic carvings and were well received! Again, we thank you for the excellent products and services!   Kathy and Lee from Daytona Beach, FL  January 2017

I received the bird yesterday. It looks great as always! Thanks so much for the quality in the carving.  John from Molino, FL  January 2017
 We received the doorknockers three days ago, and we absolutely love them.  The workmanship is just outstanding!  They are just so beautifully done.  Susan from Stroudsburg, Pa  January 2017
Received my little fellow on Thursday -- I love him (still working on a name). The piece (Hairy woodpecker dorknocker) more than meets my expectations and makes me smile every time I see it.  Debbie from Nashville, TN  January 2017
Received the kingfisher, extremely lifelike, thank you.  William from Huntington, IN  January 2017
I LOVE my woodpecker door knocker!! He's finished & painted beautifully ❤ Thanks so much for your prompt reply to me! Merrilou from Omaha, NE   January 2017
I received the birds!! (goldfinch pair with sunflowers and female cardinal) And they are beautiful!! Rich and Linda from Levittown NY January 2017
I love this little guy -- can't wait to give him a new home! (yellow bellied sapsucker doorknocker)  Deborah from Nashville TN  January 2017
I had to take a second to let you know I received my red headed woodpecker today. It is more beautiful than I imagined. The quality is outstanding!
I am so very pleased with my purchase.  Angela from Starke, FL  January 2017
My sister absolutely loves the bird! (American kestrel)  Stunning!!  Krystal from Manchester NH  February 2017
The birds arrived a couple days after you sent them and are wonderful.  They were a 38th anniversary gift for my wife and she loves them.  Don from Coopersburg, PA June 2017

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