Gouldian Finch

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Gouldian Finch

Also known as the Rainbow Finch, the feathers of the brightly colored Gouldian Finch include black, green and yellow with red markings and a purple chest.  Living in the tropical savanna woodlands of Australia it moves only when searching for food or water.

For many years this beautiful little bird was exported from Australia, but due to its "endangered in the wild" status the Australian government banned its exportation in 1959.  The bird is bred worldwide by bird enthusiasts and is an extremely popular pet bird. 

 All of our life-size birds are hand-carved from basswood (a very carveable wood that does not split and takes paint well), hand-feathered to show texture and detail and painted with acrylic paint. The eyes are glass and feet are copper.The base is wood.

The Goudian Finch carving measures 6.75 inches from head to tail and has an overall height of 6.5 inches.

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