Piping Plover

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Piping Plover

The piping plover is a small, stocky shorebird that is extremely well camouflaged on sand or pebble beaches.  It can be difficult to spot as its buff-colored feathers blend in with the dry summer sand of the shorelines. Once plentiful along the Atlantic coastline and Great Lakes it is now considered an endangered species due to disturbances during its nesting season.

All of our life-size birds are hand-carved from basswood (a very carveable wood that does not split and takes paint well), feathered to show detail and painted with acrylic paint.  The eyes are glass, feet are metal and base is wood.

The plover is 7 inches from beak to tail, is 5.25 inches from head to foot and has an overall height of 7 inches.

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The piping plover can also be mounted on weathered wood for an additional charge of $15. Please call us if you would like the plover on weathered wood. See the Contact page.




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