Wilson's Phalarope (winter plumage)

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Wilson's Phalarope (winter plumage)

Spinning in circles, often as many as 60 times in a minute, the WILSON'S PHALAROPE creates whirlpools of water which pull food to the surface. Ingenious! The only phalarope confined to inland habitats in the Western Hemisphere, it probes for insects and crustaceans in mud flats and shallow water. The carving of this handsome bird shows off its pleasing gray winter plumage. The bird measures 8 3/4" from beak to tail and is 6 1/4" high.  With the base it has an overall height of 8 inches.

All of our life-sized birds are carved from bass wood (a very carveable wood that does not check), hand-feathered to show detail and painted with acrylic paint. The eyes are glass, feet are metal and base is wood.

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