Bluebird (male on perch)

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The Eastern Bluebird sports bright blue feathers with a rusty red chest and white underparts. A gregarious bird that dines on earthworms, insects and spiders, it is often found in small flocks. While its numbers have been in decline due to competition with other birds for nesting hollows, adding bluebird nesting boxes to your backyard can help reverse the situation. Bluebirds prefer open fields and meadows close to woodlands and a water source.

This carving of the male bluebird shows off its bright blue color and is perched on a wooden stump. Its expressive face adds to its charm. The bird is 5.5 inches from beak to tail, 3 inches high with an overall height of 5 inches.  All of our birds are carved from basswood (a very carvable wood that does not split and takes paint well), are hand-painted, have glass eyes and metal feet.

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