Cardinal Pair on Birch Log

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Cardinal Pair on Birch Log

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A winter's treat is to find the bright scarlet male cardinal against a snowy background. This carving features the bright red male and the more camouflaged female set on an actual birch branch from the woods of New Hampshire. The official bird of seven states, it is a favorite of many bird-lovers and resides in all but  North America's northernmost latitudes.  Seen along woodland edges, thickets and in suburban gardens this beautiful bird is a delight to the eye.  

While not as bright as the male, the female cardinal is  more subtle in its beauty.  It has buff-brown upperparts, a dark face and  wings and a tail washed with red.  Placing the cardinals on a single perch is appropriate-- when you spot a male cardinal, look carefully, as the female is not far away.

The birds measure approximately 7 1/2 inches from their beaks to tails, are 4 3/4 inches high and the carving with the base has an overall height of 12 1/2 inches.

All of our life-sized birds are hand-carved from basswood (a very carvable wood that does not split and takes paint well), hand-feathered to show detail and painted with acrylic paint. The eyes are glass, feet are metal and base is wood.

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