Green Heron

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Green Heron


The Green Heron is one of our most strikingly beautiful carvings!  A small, solitary heron with a velvet-green back and chestnut-colored body, it waits silently by the edges of ponds or marshes in search of prey.  Considered a very intelligent bird it will lure in fish by dropping twigs or insects in the water making it one of the few known species to use tools for hunting.

The Green Heron carving is of exceptional artistic quality with its exact detailing and acurate coloring.  The bird is life-sized, carved from bass wood, hand-feathered to create texture and painted with acryllic paint. The eyes are glass and feet are copper. It is mounted on a carved wood branch fixed to a moss-covered wooden base.

This incredible carving is sure to please the most exacting collector and makes a gift of outstanding quality. It measures approximately 14 inches from beak to tail and has an overall height of 16 inches.

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