Bluebird Pair

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Bluebird Pair, male and female 

 The male Eastern Bluebird sports bright blue feathers with a rusty red chest and white underparts while the female is more subtle in color. A gregarious bird that dines on earthworms, insects and spiders, it is often found in small flocks. While its numbers have been in decline due to competition with other birds for nesting hollows, adding bluebird nesting boxes to your backyard can help reverse the situation. Bluebirds prefer open fields and meadows close to woodlands and a water source.

In this lifesize carving  the male and female bluebird are perched on (simulated) barbed wire mounted on a wooden stump with a green mossy base. Their expressive faces add to their charm. The birds each measure 6 inches from beak to tail and are 3.75 inches high.  The carving has an overall height of 12 inches. All of our birds are carved from basswood (a very carveable wood that does not split and takes paint well), are hand-painted, have glass eyes and metal feet.

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Saturday, 14 July 2018
Wow! The detail and craftsmanship is top quality. I am very impressed and will enjoy these forever. Thank you for sharing your work.
Gale Rainwater
Saturday, 11 October 2014
These birds are beautiful the pictures don't do them justice the detail and color are impeccable. I would recommend to everybody. If your not a bird lover you soon will be.
Ilion Gorge NY
Sue Clark
Friday, 10 January 2014
beautiful hand work,very detailed and painted to the tee.highly reccomend their work.looking forward to collect more of their bird carvings.....
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